WordPress DIVI Theme For Website Development
Table Of Contents
  1. WordPress DIVI Theme For Website Development
  2. DIVI Vs Elementor
  3. Is DIVI A FREE Theme Builder?
  4. Is DIVI WordPress Website Development Worth The Price?
  5. Is DIVI Elegant Theme Good For Blogging?
  6. Is DIVI Theme Builder Good For ECommerce?

WordPress DIVI Theme For Website Development

Looking for new WordPress Website Development? Do you think that you need an entirely new WordPress theme? And then additional plugins to build the website?

We don’t think or recommend so!

Use WordPress DIVI theme! With the DIVI Elegant Theme, you can have a WordPress theme with its integrated builder to build the website in a go! There are hundreds of themes and builders available, but nothing matches the versatility of DIVI WordPress. We just made it easier for you to choose your builder and theme in one of the best performing WordPress websites you want.

In this blog, we shall learn in detail about the DIVI theme and how it can be the best add on feature for your website. Without further ado, let’s start.

DIVI Vs Elementor

If you are aware of the WordPress Website Development involving Website Builders besides themes, then you must have come across Elementor. With more than 4 million installations, it is regarded as the most popular builder in the WordPress Directory.

This sparks the question- Which is better- DIVI or Elementor?

To start off, the prime difference between them is that Elementor is a plugin for building or creating a website easily with the drag and drop feature. On the other hand, DIVI is itself a powerhouse of built-in DIVI Builder with DIVI Theme Package.

You can use Elementor to create your website with the DIVI theme package. But, that is not too useful as DIVI Builder would be present and active. Having both Elementor and a DIVI theme builder might impact the performance of the website.

However, if you already have a theme in mind and only need to build a website, Elementor will be a better choice than DIVI.

Elementor does not offer any theme for the website owners to dictate the website, but it has several design blocks to help you build a dream website. Want to have a plugin to make your WordPress building easier? Go for Elementor!

Is DIVI A FREE Theme Builder?

No, DIVI is not a free theme builder. Since this is a premium theme available for purchase at $89 every year or one-time lifetime access for $249 per year. DIVI Theme Builder is not only a theme but also a builder.

Is DIVI WordPress Website Development Worth The Price?

Definitely. Even though a subscription to the DIVI theme builder might sound a little expensive to you, you need to keep in mind that this is not just another WordPress theme. It encompasses a bunch of other additional features including a complete website builder, known as DIVI Builder.

Want reasons as to why DIVI WordPress Website Development could be a good deal? Here are they:

Powerful Visual Builder

The DIVI WordPress Website Development Theme comes with a powerful website builder. Included in the DIVI package, it is one of the prime reasons to prefer DIVI over any other WordPress theme.

With a beautiful, convenient, hassle-free DIVI Visual Builder, you can design every part of your website. You will experience no limitation, in fact, you get the liberty to work on minute elements too without any need for plugins. Wouldn’t you love to create a website with a simple drag and drop and no challenges of writing codes?

Quality Built-In Layouts

The next prominent feature of the DIVI Package is the superlative quality of the templates available in the DIVI library. It suits all kinds of niches and businesses, and developers shall enjoy creating the website too. Even a beginner can have the right guidance and build a website in a substantial time.

Is DIVI Elegant Theme Good For Blogging?

That is the most common question asked. Most of us love blogging, and we worry about creating the right website that not only suits our current needs but is also compatible with future needs.

DIVI is an amazing theme to work with as a WordPress website. First, you can get started with the theme as soon as you install it. Without entering a single line of code, you have a website with separate pages for your articles and blogs of diverse niches.

If you are into only blogging, you get the liberty to choose from multiple blog layouts. Choose the one that represents you and brings a shine to your content. These built-in templates are perfect for blogging platforms. They serve as a fundamental base to make each blog unique and stand them out in the crowd of bloggers.

Is DIVI Theme Builder Good For ECommerce?

Another set of people like us is interested in the eCommerce business. And, worry not! The DIVI Theme builder is good for eCommerce websites too! The flexibility and the versatility of the DIVI elegant theme make it the ideal choice for all website owners.

It hosts a bunch of eCommerce layouts in the library that includes Shop pages, Product pages, cart elements, and more pages related to eCommerce websites. The DIVI theme has been designed to be compatible with the most powerful eCommerce tool called WooCommerce. It is a widely used plugin designed exclusively for eCommerce Websites.

To Sum Up

DIVI themes come with several built-in features along with a DIVI theme builder. The best part is that they do not need a separate installation, as the DIVI theme builder is a part of the DIVI theme package. However, you can always use the DIVI theme builder as a stand-alone plugin when working with other themes in the WordPress directory.

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