Elevating Permanent LuX To WordPress From Wix

Led by experienced permanent makeup artist Elena Uvarova, PermanentLuX offers professional permanent makeup services in San Diego, focusing on enhancing natural beauty. Specializing in techniques like lip blushing and powder brows, PermanentLuX provides personalized results to each client. Discover the convenience and lasting appeal of their makeup artistry.

The website,, originally built on Wix’s Website Builder Tool, underwent redevelopment with the aim of maintaining the same design while transitioning to a more robust CMS like WordPress. JNext collaborated with the Kodumedia team to facilitate this migration, integrating user-friendly and up-to-date content blocks using WordPress’s default theme and the Elementor plugin. The new website was deployed within just 2 months, boasting 77.51% faster-loading pages.

Key Highlights

  • Title: PermanentLuX
  • URL:
  • Industry: Beauty & Fashion
  • Technology Stack: WordPress 6.x, PHP 8.x, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, MySQL 8.x
  • Team Size: 5 Members
  • Duration: November 2023 – January 2024

About the Customer

Elena Uvarova, an accomplished permanent makeup artist and the founder of PermanentLuX, is dedicated to revolutionizing the beauty industry with her expertise and passion for enhancing natural beauty. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, Elena strives to provide each client with personalized, stunning results that instil confidence and radiance. As a leader in the San Diego beauty scene, Elena’s philosophy centres on celebrating individual beauty and empowering clients to look and feel their best every day.

– PermenantLux

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Why JNext?

JNext was selected as the development partner for the migration project due to several key factors. 

  • JNext boasts a team of highly skilled WordPress developers with extensive experience in Theme development and migration from other CMSs to WordPress.
  • JNext is known for its innovative approach to problem-solving. With a solid track record of successful projects, JNext has demonstrated its ability to deliver results.
  • JNext prioritizes the end-user experience in all their projects. 
  • JNext fosters a collaborative partnership with their clients, working closely with them throughout the project lifecycle. 
  • JNext is committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring client satisfaction.

All these factors make JNext the ideal choice for projects like the Permanent LuX Migration from Wix to WordPress.

Key Challenges

Understanding Current Challenges:

The JNext team prioritizes understanding the customer’s existing platform issues as the initial step towards offering effective solutions. Our team leads organized several discussion sessions to identify these issues comprehensively.

Limited Customization: The customer seeks more flexibility in customizing the website’s layout and templates to reflect their brand and aesthetic preferences. However, due to limitations in the existing tool and their non-technical background, they face constraints in creating a distinctive online presence.

Performance Issues: Despite subscribing to high-tier plans, the website occasionally experiences slow performance, frustrating users and potentially resulting in lost business opportunities. The customer highlighted that over 40% of their business originates from online searches and bookings, making performance optimization critical to avoid revenue loss.

Plugin Support Limitations: The customer is willing to invest in paid plugins to access essential features. However, the current platform’s inability to support these plugins necessitates reliance on third-party solutions, leading to increased complexity and compatibility concerns. They prefer readily available plugins to address their CMS requirements.

Real-time Updates: Implementing real-time updates is hindered by platform limitations, impacting the website’s ability to deliver timely information to users. This limitation affects user engagement and satisfaction, prompting the need for a solution to integrate dynamic content seamlessly.

Compatibility Challenges: Ensuring consistent performance across different devices and browsers remains an ongoing challenge. Universal compatibility is crucial for delivering a seamless user experience and reaching diverse audiences effectively.

E-commerce Limitations: The customer aims to enhance the website with e-commerce features but faces limitations with the existing platform. These limitations impede the delivery of a seamless shopping experience, hindering sales conversions and customer retention efforts.

Agency Specialization: Finding an agency specializing in Wix-specific solutions poses challenges due to limited expertise in this niche field. This scarcity complicates efforts to address platform-specific issues efficiently.

Cost of Wix Services: The cost of maintaining Wix services raises concerns for the client, especially given the existing limitations. Exploring alternative solutions offering better value may be necessary to address this issue effectively.

Leveraging Existing Design:

The customer prefers retaining the current design but seeks redevelopment with updated industry standards and structure. They aim to avoid rebranding or causing user unfamiliarity with the new design.

Booking Service Enhancement:

Enhancing booking services ranks high among the customer’s priorities to scale their business. Streamlining the booking process and improving usability are key to enhancing customer satisfaction and driving growth.

Mobile Performance Improvement:

Improving mobile performance is essential to meet the increasing expectations of mobile users. Optimizing mobile responsiveness and load times will enhance user engagement and retention.

SEO Preservation:

Preserving current search rankings and online reputation is critical during the migration process. Implementing robust SEO strategies and minimizing disruptions are vital for a successful transition.

Non-Technical Customer:

The customer lacks technical expertise and finds learning complex CMS tools frustrating. They seek a simple tool for general operations to minimize dependence on developers and streamline their workflow.

Minimal Downtime:

Ensuring minimal downtime during migration is crucial for the customer, who is concerned about business continuity. They aim to avoid revenue loss during the domain migration process by minimizing downtime.

The Solution

  • Choosing WordPress as CMS:
    Addressing the array of issues highlighted by the customer, such as flexibility, compatibility, extendibility, performance, plugin limitations, and cost concerns, necessitates selecting the appropriate Content Management System (CMS). WordPress emerges as the optimal choice due to its robust features and ability to resolve the mentioned challenges effectively. Following our tech lead team’s recommendation, WordPress was identified as the ideal CMS solution to address the customer’s diverse needs.
  • Custom Theme Development:
    Several challenges outlined by the customer, including performance and mobile optimization, as well as leveraging existing design elements, can be mitigated through custom theme development. Our tech team devised a strategy to create a bespoke template and theme, utilizing WordPress’s default theme as a foundation to integrate essential features seamlessly. This approach ensures both enhanced performance and a visually appealing design aligned with the customer’s preferences.
  • Integration of Elementor:
    To address concerns regarding real-time updates, flexibility, and usability for non-technical users, the integration of a robust content integration tool such as Elementor was proposed. Elementor stands out as a powerful content builder plugin renowned for its user-friendly interface. Our team conducted informative demo sessions to familiarize the customer with Elementor’s capabilities, enabling them to effortlessly integrate and manage content with ease.
  • Utilization of Calendly Booking Plugin:
    The customer’s desire to enhance booking functionality and integrate e-commerce payment solutions prompted a thorough assessment by our tech team. Following an analysis of existing development structures and requirements, the decision was made to implement the Calendly booking plugin. This solution offers comprehensive booking management features while enhancing payment capabilities, including options for cancellation, rescheduling, and refunds, to meet the customer’s evolving needs seamlessly.
  • Robust SEO Strategies:
    Implementation of robust SEO strategies is paramount to maintaining and improving online visibility and reputation throughout the migration process. Our SEO team has analyzed all the existing SEO details and prepared a comprehensive SEO plan to ensure a smooth transition without compromising search rankings or online presence.
  • Meticulous Migration Planning:
    Efficient planning is essential to minimize disruptions and downtime during the migration process. Our team will meticulously outline each step of the migration, considering factors such as data transfer, domain management, and content optimization, to ensure a seamless transition without impacting business operations.
  • Content Migration Planning:
    The JNext tech team meticulously examined options for migrating content, considering tools like Import/Export or custom scripts using WP-CLI. However, upon realizing that the volume of content is manageable and doesn’t warrant extensive scripting, we concluded that manual integration suffices. Consequently, we proposed to perform the content integration task at no additional cost to the customer.
  • Recommendation of WPEngine as Hosting Server:
    To complement the WordPress CMS and ensure optimal performance, security, and scalability, we recommended leveraging WPEngine as the hosting server. WPEngine offers tailored hosting solutions optimized for WordPress websites, providing unparalleled reliability and performance with cost effective for our client’s online platform.
  • Focus on Security and Performance:
    Prioritizing security and performance is integral to maintaining the integrity and functionality of the website. Our team will implement robust security measures and performance optimization techniques to safeguard against potential threats and ensure optimal website performance, enhancing user experience and trust in the platform.

Results & Benefits

  • Flexibility and Ease of Use:
    By migrating to WordPress and implementing custom theme development alongside user-friendly plugins like Elementor, the client experienced a significant improvement in flexibility and ease of use. The WordPress platform provided a more intuitive interface, allowing the client to effortlessly manage and customize their website without extensive technical knowledge. This newfound flexibility empowered the client to adapt their online presence to evolving business needs quickly and efficiently.
  • Minimal Customer/User Training:
    The transition to WordPress, coupled with the intuitive design of the custom theme and plugins, resulted in minimal customer/user training requirements. The simplified interface and familiar functionalities allowed the client to seamlessly navigate the new platform without the need for extensive training sessions. This saved valuable time and resources, enabling the client to focus on core business activities while maximizing productivity.
  • Performance Improvement:
    Addressing performance issues was a top priority for the client, given the impact on user experience and business outcomes. Through meticulous optimization and leveraging the capabilities of the WordPress platform, significant performance improvements were achieved. Website loading times were reduced, resulting in a smoother browsing experience for visitors and a decrease in bounce rates. These enhancements contributed to increased user engagement and satisfaction, ultimately driving business growth.
  • Maintain and Improve SEO Ranking:
    Preserving and improving SEO rankings throughout the migration process was critical to maintaining online visibility and competitiveness. By implementing robust SEO strategies and ensuring seamless content migration, the client successfully maintained their existing search rankings and online reputation. Additionally, the enhanced performance and user experience of the new website contributed to improved search engine rankings, further boosting visibility and attracting more organic traffic.
  • Cost Effective Solution:
    The migration to WordPress and subsequent enhancements represented a cost-effective solution for the client. By leveraging open-source technologies and efficient development methodologies, we were able to deliver significant improvements in website functionality and performance while minimizing costs. This ensured that the client achieved maximum value from their investment, optimizing their return on investment and supporting long-term business success.
  • Minimal Downtime during Migration:
    During the migration process, minimizing downtime was a key priority to prevent disruptions to the client’s business operations. Being in the Indian region helped us to plan this more better. We planned to migrate the website during the mid-night when all the potential users are in sleeping model. Our team meticulously planned and executed the migration to ensure seamless continuity of the website’s availability throughout the transition. By leveraging efficient migration strategies and deploying resources effectively, we were able to minimize downtime to an absolute minimum. This proactive approach not only mitigated potential revenue loss but also ensured uninterrupted access for users, maintaining customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Customer Happiness:
    Ultimately, the most significant outcome of the migration was the heightened satisfaction and happiness of the client. The seamless transition to WordPress, coupled with the improvements in flexibility, performance, and SEO, exceeded the client’s expectations. The ability to effortlessly manage their website, coupled with the positive feedback from users, resulted in increased confidence and satisfaction with their online presence. This enhanced customer happiness not only solidified the client’s trust in our services but also strengthened our long-term partnership.

Conclusion & Takeaways

  • User-Centric Migration Approach:
    Tailoring the migration process to user needs was foundational to the success of the project. By prioritizing user experience and feedback, we ensured that the transition from Wix to WordPress was seamless and aligned with the preferences of the website visitors. This user-centric approach not only enhanced user satisfaction but also laid the groundwork for continued engagement and growth.
  • Efficient Migration Strategy:
    Our migration strategy focused on efficiency and minimal disruption. By carefully planning each phase of the migration and leveraging automated tools where appropriate, we were able to complete the transition from Wix to WordPress swiftly and with minimal downtime. This approach minimized potential business disruptions and ensured a smooth transition for both the client and their website visitors.
  • Customization and Scalability:
    The migration to WordPress offered unparalleled customization and scalability for the client’s website. By harnessing the flexibility of the WordPress platform and implementing custom solutions tailored to the client’s needs, we created a website that not only met their current requirements but also provided a foundation for future growth and expansion. This emphasis on customization and scalability ensured that the client’s investment in the migration would continue to pay dividends in the long term.
  • Cost-Effectiveness and ROI:
    The migration from Wix to WordPress proved to be a cost-effective investment for the client. By choosing a platform that offered superior functionality, customization options, and scalability at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions, we were able to deliver exceptional value for the client’s budget. This cost-effectiveness, combined with the tangible benefits of enhanced performance, customization, and SEO, ensured a significant return on investment for the client.

Client’s Feedback

We are thrilled with the outcome of the migration to WordPress. The new website not only looks stunning but also performs exceptionally well. The team at JNext Services Pvt. Ltd. was professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to our needs throughout the entire process. We couldn’t be happier with the results!


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