How We Measure Bitconi’s Ecological Footprint

SmartLedger, a leading innovator in the blockchain ecosystem, embarked on a mission to enhance its digital presence by developing a custom WordPress Plugin for its customer Web3co2 Energy Index. This plugin aimed to seamlessly integrate predefined APIs, offering automated and manual data extraction, visualization, export capabilities, and API licensing functionalities. SmartLedger already created APIs in Node.js and showed the data to the user. However, they are dealing with some problems that need a better solution. The major needs and the problems were

  • Data Representation, Users were unable to understand the provided data in numbers and figures.
  • API licence management
  • Compatibility challenges with existing WordPress Page Builder plugin.
  • etc…

So, Web3co2 has decided to find a custom solution to overcome all the problems. JNext has been assigned this challenge to solve and provide a better solution. JNext and SmartLedger combinedly aimed to deliver a user-centric solution tailored to their specific needs.

Key Highlights

  • Title: WEB3CO2 Energy Index
  • URL:
  • Industry: Web Technologies
  • Technology Stack: WordPress 6.x, PHP 8.x, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, MySQL 8.x
  • Team Size: 5 Members
  • Duration: Sept 2023 – January 2024

About the Customer

SmartLedger is an industry leader and an accomplished innovator in the blockchain ecosystem.

The SmartLedger is dedicated to revolutionizing industries through blockchain technology. Their mission is clear: to drive innovation, enhance transparency, and enable secure, seamless transactions across all sectors.

– SmartLedger

WEB3CO2 offers a cutting-edge WEB3 CO2 Energy Index Framework, an intuitive Rating System, and an Efficiency Rating to navigate the environmental impact of WEB3 technology.

This platform provides detailed insights into the energy consumption and carbon footprint of leading blockchain technologies, emphasizing Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains like Bitcoin Core (BTC), Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


Why JNext?

JNext was selected as the development partner for the Custom WordPress plugin development project due to several key factors. 

  • JNext boasts a team of highly skilled WordPress developers with extensive experience in plugin development.
  • JNext is known for its innovative approach to problem-solving. With a solid track record of successful projects, JNext has demonstrated its ability to deliver results.
  • JNext prioritizes the end-user experience in all their projects. 
  • JNext fosters a collaborative partnership with their clients, working closely with them throughout the project lifecycle. 
  • JNext is committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring client satisfaction.

All these factors make JNext the ideal choice for projects like the WEB3CO2 Energy Index plugin development.

Key Challenges

Problem Identification:

The primary challenge at the outset is to understand the existing workflow and identify customer pain points, including difficulties faced by end users. It’s crucial to thoroughly investigate the technical workflow involving API, WordPress, Page Editors, and FrontEnd data presentation before proceeding with custom development. This proactive approach helps stakeholders and the development team align on solutions effectively.

BackEnd Admin User Interface:

The back-end Admin interface is pivotal for user interaction, flexibility, and ease of use. Since it serves as the main bridge between the Node.js API and FrontEnd data presentation, providing an intuitive platform for Admin users to configure the desired front-end layout is essential for seamless operation.

Security & Performance of Data Presentation:

Security becomes a critical concern when dealing with third-party tools and APIs. The existing structure lacked major security measures, with APIs directly displaying data without proper formatting or exception handling. In scenarios where API servers are down, fatal errors could occur on the front end. Thus, ensuring optimal security without compromising data representation performance is paramount.

Real Data Visualization/Presentation:

A key challenge driving the need for a custom solution is presenting data in a visual format to users. Previously, real data were presented only in numerical form on the front end, making it difficult for users to grasp the full message. Utilizing visualization techniques not only enhances understanding but also improves retention, making it crucial to find an ideal solution to effectively convey the website’s message.

Compatibility Issues:

Compatibility issues arose as APIs were integrated into the WordPress back end via a Page builder plugin, limiting the application of solutions and posing challenges with the Node.js API. Admins require flexibility to configure APIs as desired for the FrontEnd and seamlessly integrate them into CMS pages. Identifying admins’ basic needs is crucial to providing such flexibility.

Finding the Best Project Execution Method:

This project presents unique challenges, requiring the identification of problems alongside solution provision. With a focus on user interface, user understanding, customer satisfaction, and MVP development without clear requirements, the technical and management teams must think creatively to deliver the desired solution effectively.

Time Constraint

The customer aims to showcase an impressive MVP solution at an upcoming event, engaging thousands of visitors to drive business growth. The tight timeline of 60 days necessitates quick problem identification, solution implementation, and technical confirmation, demanding a swift response from all involved parties.

Limited Budget

Addressing the customer’s critical problem within limited financial resources poses a challenge. Given the uncertain outcome of custom development, the customer opts for a cautious approach, initially allocating a low budget. If the initial phase proves successful and yields a return on investment, further budget allocation is considered for subsequent phases.

The Solution

  • Defining Requirements & Workflow:
    Our Custom WordPress Plugin development team, led by the Project Leader, conducted several rounds of discussions with SmartLedger to document existing workflows, challenges, goals, and objectives. Based on these discussions, our engineering lead, solution architect, and project manager devised a backend design and custom solution plan. We iterated on the plan based on feedback and new ideas from SmartLedger and Web3Co2. The project was divided into milestones, with demos offered at each milestone for feedback and corrections from SmartLedger and Web3Co2. A customer acceptance testing phase was also conducted on the client’s server for their internal team to test the system and provide feedback.
  • Custom Development Solution:
    Identifying the problems, our team opted for a custom development solution. While WordPress offers flexibility and a plethora of ready-made plugins, a custom solution was deemed necessary for better presentation, flexibility, security, comfort, and performance. Leveraging our team’s extensive experience and knowledge, we embarked on the custom development journey to address the specific challenges at hand.
  • Utilizing Default WordPress Back-end Layout:
    Creating a better user interface for the Admin posed a significant challenge. To tackle this, our team decided to leverage the default and predefined structure and layout of the WordPress back-end admin. WordPress proved to be a valuable tool, offering flexibility, understanding, and rapid development capabilities. This decision allowed us to address two challenges with a single solution.
  • Using Charts and Graphs for Data Presentation:
    After extensive research and discussion, our project team concluded that utilizing charts and graphs would enhance data presentation and improve understanding for all users. We defined various data presentation methods, including charts, table graphs, and meters, for the initial phase to visually convey information effectively.
  • Creating Shortcodes to Solve Compatibility Issues:
    Integrating APIs and displaying them via a Page Builder tool posed compatibility challenges for Admins. To address this, we developed a custom configuration module to manage APIs. Leveraging WordPress’s default feature, “Shortcode,” we generated shortcodes based on Admin configurations. This allowed Admins to easily integrate and display API data visually on CMS pages, streamlining the process and ensuring compatibility.
  • Project Management Method:
    Given the unique nature of the project, a hybrid project management approach combining agile and scrum methodologies was adopted. This approach enabled us to harness the benefits of both methods, facilitating optimal solutions and addressing the aggressive custom development schedule efficiently.

Results & Benefits

  • Launched MVP:
    Our team not only completed the MVP development on time but also delivered a solution that met all client requirements. Thanks to our Hybrid Project Management Method, we could incorporate regular feedback and make necessary adjustments, ensuring the product’s practicality in real-world scenarios.
  • BackEnd User Interface and Rich Settings:
    Utilizing the default WordPress back-end interface facilitated Admin users’ understanding of all settings, leveraging their familiarity with WordPress layout and sections. This streamlined targeting solutions effectively within a short timeframe.
  • Follow Industry Standards:
    Adhering to industry standards and ensuring compatibility with WordPress and PHP were integral aspects of our development process. We prioritized security and performance measures to address fundamental issues.
  • FrontEnd User Presentation:
    Improving data presentation for end users was a major focus. We successfully transformed data into visually appealing representations, astonishing both clients and users. The shift from raw data to visual aids enhances user understanding and engagement, elevating business potential.
  • Launch: On Time, Under Budget:
    Despite initial plans to showcase modules on the Staging server during the event, we not only met all basic requirements on time but also implemented new ideas on the Production server. Adhering to specific budget constraints through standard practices saved time and resources, ensuring project success within budget limits.
  • SEO:
    Our efforts in SEO optimization ensured enhanced visibility and accessibility for the plugin, contributing to its overall success.
  • User Reactions:
    During the event, users expressed delight and appreciation for the new approach, emphasizing improved clarity and understanding. One user exclaimed:

    “Wow, I’m truly impressed by the visual representation of the data! It’s so much easier to grasp the information now. The charts and graphs make everything crystal clear, and I feel like I have a deeper understanding of the blockchain energy consumption trends. This level of detail and clarity is exactly what we need to drive meaningful change and make informed decisions. Kudos to the team behind this innovative solution!”
  • Customer Satisfaction:
    Both SmartLedger and Web3Co2 were delighted with the final outcome, appreciating the efforts invested by the JNext team within tight timeframes and budgets. A testimonial from Web3Co2 reads:

    “JNext has been instrumental in revolutionizing our operations at Web3Co2. Their expertise and dedication resulted in a custom WordPress plugin that surpassed our expectations. From consultation to delivery, JNext demonstrated professionalism and attention to detail, offering valuable insights that enhanced our user experience. The plugin seamlessly integrates with our systems and provides dynamic data visualization, transforming how we present information. We highly recommend JNext for their innovative solutions and exceptional service. We will definitely continue developing for this project with the JNext team.”
  • Future Development Planning:
    Encouraged by the Phase-1 results, the customer plans to expand development for remaining solutions, extending the plugin with more features and functions. Additional budget allocation and ongoing support and maintenance programs are in the works, ensuring continued success for the entire project.

Conclusion & Takeaways

User-Centric Approach:

  • Understanding User Needs: Our user-centric approach ensured that we thoroughly understood the needs, preferences, and pain points of end users. This allowed us to tailor the solution to their requirements, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Iterative Feedback: By incorporating user feedback throughout the development process, we iteratively refined the solution to better meet user expectations. This iterative approach ensured that the final product resonated with users and addressed their specific needs effectively.
  • Continuous Improvement: Embracing a user-centric mindset means continually striving for improvement. We remain committed to gathering user feedback post-launch and iterating on the solution to further enhance user experience and satisfaction.

Custom Solution Development:

  • Tailored Solutions: Developing custom solutions allowed us to address the unique challenges and requirements of the project. By tailoring the solution to specific needs, we ensured optimal functionality, performance, and user experience.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Custom solutions offer greater flexibility and scalability compared to off-the-shelf solutions. This allows for easier adaptation to evolving business needs and future expansion of the solution as requirements evolve.
  • Innovation and Differentiation: Custom solutions enable innovation and differentiation, setting the project apart from competitors and delivering unique value to stakeholders and end users.

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Client-Centric Approach: Our unwavering focus on customer satisfaction drove every aspect of the project. By prioritizing client needs, preferences, and goals, we ensured alignment between our solution and their expectations.
  • Transparent Communication: Transparent communication and regular updates fostered a collaborative partnership with the client, ensuring they were informed and involved throughout the project lifecycle. This transparency built trust and confidence in our ability to deliver results.
  • Exceeding Expectations: By delivering a solution that surpassed client expectations in terms of functionality, performance, and user experience, we solidified our reputation as a trusted partner committed to client success.
  • Project Management & Execution Method: Leveraging agile methodologies allowed for greater flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness to changing requirements and priorities throughout the project.

Client’s Feedback

“We recently partnered with JNext for a Game-changing project on our site – Led by the incredibly talented Vipul. The Team developed a custom WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrated our NodeJS API, transforming data into dynamic meters and graphs. Their expertise in WordPress, from theme to plugin development and beyond has been nothing sort of phenomenal. Professional, highly functional and with top-notch security that delivered beyond our expectations. Any issues we faced were promptly addressed and sharing our complete satisfaction. If you are looking for WordPress excellence JNext is your go-to team. We are already looking forward to our next project with them.”

Greg Ward

CDO – SmartLedger Solutions


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