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With the help of our chat application connect millions of concurrent users and scale your business collaboration With Chat APIs & SDKs

Share Moments To a Large Audience Wherever They Are

Encryption & Online Privacy

As a growing number of Indians come online there is a sense of being under a perpetual state of surveillance.

Data Persistence for Offline Usage

To use offline persistence, you don't need to make any changes to the code that you use to access Firestore data.

Platforms Availability

Platform Availability means the proportion, expressed as a percentage, of the Notionally Available Time during which the Platform is Available.

Profile Customization

ll users can modify their user profile. System Administrators or Sponsor Administrators can also modify their organization profile.

One To One Private Messaging

We allow for end-to-end encryption so nobody knows what you're saying. They do have the occasional drawback, but that is why there are five of them.

Voice Communication

The advantage of voice communication is that it is a natural, nonencumbering form of communication.

Video Communication

Video communication refers to the transmission of information via live video streaming or through video sharing.

Groups Chats

group chat is a great way to bounce around ideas, ask questions and share news.

Media File Transmission

Media: Audio, Vidoe, Document, file.Transmission is a powerful yet extremely lightweight and fast BitTorrent client.

Geolocation Sharing

geographic location of a user will only display if he or she has allowed location sharing.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the first and often most important communications channel used by apps.

Export Chats

We lets you export chats directly from the chat list.

Light Weight

A very simple and basic launcher application. This is a very simple android home application don't expect tons of features or beautiful graphic.

Possibilities That Meets Voice & Video Communication

Personalized Voice Conversation on the Go

Make, receive & route multiple voice calls from voice chat app to network carriers persistently. Our voice call APIs create new lines of communication through VoIP & SIP calling integration for clear voice communication. Manage calls to browsers, mobile apps and other smartphones with help of Push-to-talk solution to experience the voice call quality you demand by integrating our voice calling API & SDK on Android, iOS & web applications.

Explore HD Video Experience On Demand

Harness the power of video calling features over Android, iOS & Websites with the integration of our live video call APIs & SDKs. Build extreme low-latency one-to-one, video conferencing, & group video chat apps with help of Contus Fly’s in-built WebRTC and video conferencing API to amplify app’s user engagement. Our intuitive video calls feature scales from startup to enterprise and supports all industry use cases such as education, healthcare, sports & marketplace.

Magnifying Seamless Integration

Chat API & SDK

Ignite the real messaging experience wherever your demand. Mirror Fly messaging API enables to integrate chat to send & receive conversations instantly, engages the users by implementing in-app messaging.

Video / Audio API & SDK

Earn the highest-quality Video / Audio API calling experience from apps to any browser. Integrate Video / Audio (API & SDK) to provide a real-time faster workflow, low latency, easy embedding of WebRTC signaling.


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