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A word from the founders

Vipul and I met during our college days. Our love for tinkering with code brought us together. We both have been fascinated by how we could design meaningful and efficient user experiences, and out of our shared ethos in the space of digital technology, JNext took shape. 

At JNext, we’ve imbibed a culture of people first and customer-centricity. My colleagues and I  understand how craftsmanship, team spirit, trust, and an unwavering work ethic can make magic happen. 

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. When you approach us with your business challenge, apart from looking at the obvious solutions, we want to go beyond the brief, always. We also look at how we can peel the layers and marry what you want with what your end-user needs.

To that effect, every person on my team takes learnings in their stride to continuously evolve and hone their talents, their intuition, and the value that they bring. And it is my mission to create a space where they give nothing but their best.

Rahul Patel

Co-founder, CEO

A Word From The Co-Founders

I have been raised to value people, persistence, and planning. Growing up, technology became a part of life and coding became second nature. 

Looking at the digital market at that time, I saw its immense potential and an opportunity to make a difference. The feeling that I can realize a company’s dreams or help them grow in both value and as a brand appealed to me and that led Rahul and me to start JNext.

It has been 12 years since we took our first steps, and incredible would be the word to sum up the journey. I have met incredible people and clients along the way and we have put out incredible work into the interweb. 

Over the years, I have found that people love simple, long-lasting, good quality products at good prices. And, that is what I try to give them. As the CTO, I look at how I can deliver applications that have simplicity at their core and are easy and functional to use. 

This has served me well and has helped JNext grow to what it is today. And with a motivated team and an eager Co-founder, I’m sure we are not going to rest here, but strive to make things even better for you all.

Vipul Ghori

Co-founder , CTO   
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