Privacy Policy

  • The company will expect you with a high standard of integrity, initiative, efficiency and economy.
  • You shall not seek membership of any local or public bodies without first obtaining written permission from the management.
  • You shall be fully responsible for timely compliance of all applicable statues, laws, rules, regulations, procedures of central /state government, semi-government, autonomous / appropriate authorities / bodies and institutions that may be required by your positions at any given point of time.
  • Ensuring proper implementation of all applicable statutes, lows, rules, regulations and procedures etc.
  • Your Normal work hours will be 9:30 A.M To 6:30 P.M. You will be having Break hours form 01:00 P.M to 02:00 P.M. However, in case of you are bound to work overtime and  complete the projects/ targets /deadlines fixed for you by the company and get finished your work.
  • You will be entitled to leaves as per the separate leave policy enclosed herewith.
  • You will be appointed as a full time employee and your employment start from the date of your joining.
  • This contract of employment is terminable by company giving one (1) month notice. Company is not bound to give any reason for such termination. In case you fail to serve the Company during the said notice period, the Company reserves the right to recover/forfeit the salary of the notice period and take appropriate legal action against you. However, the company may relieve you anytime before the expiry of the said notice period by paying your remuneration accrued till date.
  • To ensure the success of each employee, the employee’s supervisor conducts periodic progress reviews. Your remuneration reviews will be conducted periodically as per the policy of the Company.
  • If any declaration given or information furnished by you, to the company, proves to be false or if you are found to have willfully suppressed any material information, you will be liable to immediate removal from the employment with the company without any notice or compensation whatsoever.
  • You may resign from your employment with the company, without furnishing any reason, by giving not less than two (2) month prior notice (Note: applicable after completion to bond period). In case you fail to serve the company said notice period, the company reserves the right to recover/forfeit the salary for the notice period and initiate appropriate legal action against you. However, the company may relieve anytime before the expiry of the said notice period by paying your remuneration accrued till date.
  • The company reserves the right to terminate your employment forthwith without any notice period or termination payment, if it has reasonable grounds to believe that you are guilty of misconduct or negligence or fraud, or have committed any fundamental breach of the terms of employment or caused any loss to the company.
  • On termination of your employment or your resignation during the period of your probation or thereafter, you will immediately give up to the company all the property, keys, access cards, tools, accessories, software, documents, specifications, books, confidential information etc. of whatsoever nature in your custody, care or change and obtained clearance certificate from the relevant person/office/department, on production of which alone your dues, if any, will be settled by the company.
  • The information contained in this letter of appointment is personal and confidential. This Letter of Employment contains sensitive, personal and confidential information and its contents are not to be shared with or divulged to other “JNext Services” employees excepting your supervisor/s. You are requested to go through above terms and conditions along with the enclosed Annexure A & B which form an integral and binding part of your employment with the company. In case you agree to take up this employment kindly indicate your acceptance by signing and returning the duplicate copy. You are now a privileged team member of the “JNext Services” family. I welcome you to “JNext Services” Technology Services Private Limited and take this opportunity to wish you a long and mutually beneficial relationship with one of the best companies to work with!
    For “JNext Services”

Following rules will be effective from 1st Jun 2021

  • We will provide 1st,3rd, and 4th Saturday/Sunday Off. 2nd sat full day on. On that day we will do regular work on the first half and second half we will do some technical activities like code improvement, Learn new things, introduce new technologies, R&D session, Code overview, Enjoyment activities, expert session by a team member. etc 
  • All the activities must be pre-plan before the first weekend of the month. All the activities’ details need to be shared by the Project leader or HR. if anyone wants to be the host of the activities then share your detail with to project leader or HR

NOTE:- if any off Saturday we will arrange  any activities schedule or festivals then everyone must have to participate on that day.

  • We will provide 1 leave/month, if you will not take leave in a month then all unused leave will be calculated based on your salary at the end of the year.
  • In a month you will take one leave, other leave will be counted as unpaid leave.   
  • Causal will not allow weekend and any festival holiday. 
  • When you take casual leave you must inform your project leader, HR and Rahul/Vipul.
  • Paid leave will not be rolled over at the end of the year. 
  • If any of the team members resign the company then they will not be eligible for the PL (Paid leave) during the notice period. 
  • Two month notice period is mandatory if you will not complete two month notice period then you will not be eligible for the certification and also we will not cut your salary according that you have not served notice period day.