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Whether you’re B2C or B2B, SME or enterprise, running an online shop, or a complex e-commerce solution, JNext is committed to ensuring that your online business remains as smooth and flexible in five years as it is today. This means being prepared for any changes in your strategy.

With us, you can focus entirely on your customers while we handle all the technicalities. Benefit from seamless data migration without downtime, lightning-fast performance, and a user-friendly checkout for even more sales!

Discover Your Perfect E-Commerce Solution

Website Development and Design
  • Custom eCommerce website design
  • Responsive web design
  • User experience (UX) optimization
  • Content management system (CMS) integration (e.g., WordPress, Woo-Commerce)
  • Mobile app development
Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile app development (iOS and Android)
  • Mobile-friendly eCommerce site design
  • Mobile payment integration
  • Push notifications for mobile app
  • In-app purchasing and mobile wallet integration
Client Management
Product Management
  • Product catalog setup and management
  • Inventory management
  • Product photography and video production
  • Product description writing and optimization
  • SKU and barcode management
Custom API Interface Integrations
Payment Processing
  • Integration with payment gateways (e.g., PayPal, Stripe, Square)
  • Secure payment processing (SSL/TLS)
  • Multi-currency support
  • Fraud detection and prevention
Online Shops & eCommerce
Shopping Cart and Checkout
  • Customizable shopping cart
  • One-page checkout
  • Guest checkout options
  • Discount and coupon management
  • Order tracking and management
Ease Integration
Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Integration with shipping carriers (e.g., UPS, FedEx, DHL)
  • Real-time shipping rates and tracking
  • Inventory fulfillment services
  • Drop shipping integration
  • Returns management
Client Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • CRM integration (e.g., Salesforce, HubSpot)
  • Customer support and ticketing systems
  • Live chat and chatbots
  • Customer feedback and reviews management
  • Loyalty programs and rewards
Marketing and Sales
  • SEO and SEM services
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing and blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising
  • Influencer marketing
Retention of website performance
Analytics and Reporting
  • Web analytics (e.g., Google Analytics)
  • Sales and conversion tracking
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Custom reporting dashboards
Security and Compliance
  • Data encryption and secure storage
  • Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations
  • Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Backup and disaster recovery
Community Support
Technical Support and Maintenance
  • L1 & L2 technical support
  • Regular website maintenance and updates
  • Performance optimization
  • Troubleshooting and bug fixes
  • Hosting and domain management
Hassle free AI integration
Integration Services
  • ERP integration (e.g., SAP, Oracle)
  • Integration with third-party applications (e.g., CRM, accounting software)
  • API development and integration
  • Plugin and module development
Custom Plugin Development
Training and Consultancy
  • eCommerce strategy consultancy
  • Staff training and development
  • Workshops and seminars on digital marketing and eCommerce trends
  • Market research and competitive analysis
Custom Solutions
  • Custom software development
  • Marketplace development (e.g., multi-vendor platforms)
  • AR/VR solutions for eCommerce
  • AI and machine learning integration for personalized shopping experiences
Website Build & Launch
Mobile & Headless Commerce
  • Headless CMS implementation
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) development
  • Mobile app development
  • API-first architecture
  • Omnichannel integration

Our E-Commerce Technology Stack


Woo Commerce

WooCommerce is one of the popular and most accepted solutions to easily add robust e-Commerce functionality to your WordPress based website.


Headless – Next Js & React Js

Supercharge your web presence with our React front-end development expertise. We design immersive, lightning-fast interfaces that captivate users and elevate your brand above the competition.


React Native

Empower your business with our React Native app development. We specialize in crafting cross-platform mobile applications that blend performance, versatility, and stunning user experiences for maximum impact.

build a custom API


We implement internal and external API & documentation andsolutions that preemptively solve code issues regarding server communications, content creation & management, data sharing, business logic, and microservices.


Zendesk & Salesforce & HubSpot

When you realize it’s time to start consolidating workflows, automating tasks, following customer journeys, and just plain working better across teams, you know it’s time for a CRM solution. 

Digital Marketing Services

Zapier & AWS

Zapier is for modern businesses that want to confidently scale automation across teams, tools, and processes. Even if you aren’t hiring this year, you can still grow twice as fast with Zapier.

Why Choose Jnext As Your WordPress Solution Partner?

  • WordPress Support – our developers are more than competent at WordPress, helping you get the most out of the platform.
  • Dedicated Project Management – you get a dedicated project manager that frees you from the hassles of managing your website.
  • Integrity & Transparency – we vehemently believe in safeguarding your privacy. that is why, your idea is safe with us. we follow strict ndas.
  • Full Standards Compliance – perfection at jnext is achieved by strictly adhering to wordpress coding standards. compliance is a word we do not take lightly.
  • Result-Specific Workflow – Feature-rich websites need a result-oriented workflow. our WordPress developers are experts at that

Our WordPress Development Process

Tell us about your requirements—your vision on where you see your brand in the next 5-10 years—and we will create a custom strategy and set achievable goals and milestones to kick off the project.

We take wireframes and mock-ups and breathe life into them, giving shape to your vision.

Once the front end is ready, we begin working on the website’s functionality, integrating it with different APIs.

Before passing the design towards development, we conduct the usability testing to get a gist of the end-user’s response towards the product.


Stores Crafted


WordPress Plugins Engineered


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