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How To Properly Upgrade WordPress

Do you want to update your website with the latest version of WordPress? The new version releases help maintain the security, speed, and compatibility of your WordPress website. They also offer new, exciting features for your site as well.

Upgrading to the latest WordPress version will keep your website secure from any malicious code or content. It also makes your website faster. The newest version of WordPress always comes with additional features and it usually fixes any issues from the previous versions.

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Failed updates on plug-ins can be a hassle you do not want to encounter any day. From plug-ins to extensions, this is a known WordPress problem. WordPress being so vast and flexible results in these problems. And hence we present our WordPress Upgradation Services

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Updating WordPress Core

The more important thing is running an updated version of WordPress. Older versions are susceptible to viruses and hackers. Attacks can happen from automated bots and other programs that scan for vulnerabilities to hit. Such software can automatically get through security holes and install malicious code and cause trouble to your site. Some sites can be defaced or are plagued with ads or redirects which can hurt your brand image and cause a loss in business as well. Loss and theft of data is a big concern too. Although there is no full proof way to secure a website because whatever cannot be hacked today doesn’t necessarily mean it cannot be done tomorrow. But one needs to reduce risks greatly from the known techniques.


Backups Of Backups

Our WordPress Upgradation Service experts can carry out the update process in the least possible time, so that your site doesn’t remain down for long which inherently can affect your visitors. We copy all your data to our server, upgrade it there, carry out all necessary checks and then paste it back onto your server. We take no chances in losing your data. We backup on a 2 tier basis. We backup before, during and after the upgrade processes. Rest assured, if anything goes wrong, your data will never be lost and your web site can be restored to the un-updated version at any time you like. Sign up today and talk to us if you have any queries in your mind.


Plug-Ins, Themes And Fixes – Leaves You Worry Free

Updating WordPress core is not as simple as updating virus definitions of an anti-virus software. It takes time and patience is required to carry out necessary backups. In our WordPress Upgradation Service , we can update your WordPress core as when the update comes up. We are always geared with the knowledge of when it does come and whether it is stable for you or not. We can fix problems normally associated with such processes. Plug-ins are highly targeted by hackers. Our Specialists can advise on whether or not to use a particular plug-in. We do good research on most popular plug-ins and also can on the ones you use. We will update them or modify them if required to maintain the security of your site.

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