Last 3-4 months we heard many times and many things about a pandemic Novel COVID 19, Corona. How its spread, from where it evolved, what its treatment and vaccine, no of new cases and death and bla bla bla. It is obvious that when you are surrounded by such a negative environment, you also get engaged to think about what will happen to me and my family and my relatives and friend. And that will build mental pressure and that’s all, the beginning of mental illness is putting their roots and will spread as furiously as corona spread. So, we are right now fighting against two pandemics both corona and depression.


So it is damn important, how to deal with mental health. One will find many tasks to deal with it viz yoga, exercises, reading, sports activities, etc. It’s all right but more important is your thinking. One should do all these but not with the mindset to overcome depression but for good mental health. Because when u think to overcome depression then you are supposed to believe that you are suffering from it. So do it for good health not to overcome.  Be natural…. be healthy.

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