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In today’s digital era, we all know that video content is rising compared to other forms of data. This article is for all those who are looking for a video editing app from basic to advance functional features covered.

To make your task easy, we have got your Video All In One Editor app. Let us discuss the features helpful for mobile video editing in detail.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Outstanding Features

  • Make Video Collage-Enjoy creating a collage video for special occasions posts like birthday, anniversary, cherishing your old memories, or simple status updates.
  • Make Video Collage


  • Customize Audio
  • Customize Audio-Add your favorite background music from the huge library. Adjust the volume or replace the audio of your choice in the video using this instant functionality.


  • Convert Video-One can easily convert the type of video file into the other extensions of mkv, flv, mov, mp4 and avi right in a minute. Isn’t this exciting?
  • Convert Video


  • Extract Frames
  • Extract Frames-Select the range of the time you wish to extract from the video and just click on the extract frame option.You are left with the new video with extracted frames so smooth and quick.


  • Add Video Effects-This is the most lovely feature. Have some fun and play in the videos by putting in some excellent effects.
  • Add Video Effects


  • Add Watermark
  • Add Watermark-Protect your video by adding a watermark of your brand logo or text. Use this custom watermark to own your story and make an identity. It is most helpful when you are promoting through your video content.


  • Black and White Effect- Filter your video with a black and white effect when you import a clip from your device and all of your colors are converted into black and white with the correct lights throughout the video.
  • Black and White Effect


  • Mute Video
  • Mute Video – Remove sound from your video using the Mute Video app button. Upload any video into the app and you can easily remove the audio. Enjoy!


  • Resizing the Video-Change the resolution up to 1000*1000or resize the video by setting up from a range by clicking the button given below in the app. Here, you go with the new resolution and size of your video.
  • Resizing the Video


  • Creating GIF Video
  • Creating GIF Video-Convert your video into a GIF file when you select a specific range and resolution for it. Click the button Create GIF and you are done with creating a GIF of your video.


  • Split, Join Or Cut Video – Enjoy your favorite operations of editing a video like splitting, joining or cutting some of the frames from the selected portion of the video.
  • Split, Join Or Cut Video


  • Change Video to Audio
  • Change Video to Audio-Change the video file into an audio file by using the Video to Audio feature of the Video Editor App.


  • Rotate and Mirror Effect-Adjust the perspective of the video by rotate video features and use it accordingly. Another interesting feature is to add a mirror effect by just tapping on the button Mirror effect.
  • Rotate and Mirror Effect


  • Make Boomerang-Boomerang video is the hot favorite one of today’s generation. Video All-in-one Editor app doesn’t miss any of them! Use this feature to make boomerang of any of the video clips.
  • Create Video Thumb-Now you can easily create a summary of your video into a series of thumbnails. An engaging thumbnail speaks to your viewers before they play the video.
  • Reverse or Change Speed-Convert and play your video in a reverse mode using this wonderful feature and add some fun. You can also change the speed of the video from the selective range starting from 1.0 X to 2.0 X to everything in between.
  • Custom Box Blur-Add a custom box blur inside or outside the video absolutely with no efforts.

      Why Video All-in-one Editor?

All the below qualities make it unique.

  • Powerful Edits Made Simple
  • All in One
  • Free to Download
  • Easy to Use


     Wrap up

With all these fantastic features to enjoy, this app is indeed following its name. This app has turned to the most favorable app for video editing keeping in mind the Android users.

Thank you for reading so far. Have a good day!

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