NewsFrom Meh to Masterpiece Using BCG Matrix Utilizes to Craft Captivating Content

From Meh to Masterpiece: Using BCG Matrix Utilises to Craft Captivating Content

1. Analyse your content portfolio

Stars: Identify your “cash cows” – content formats or narratives that consistently generate high engagement and revenue (e.g., popular video series, viral social media campaigns). Invest in scaling these successes through expansion, optimisation, or franchising.

Question Marks: These are content types with high growth potential but low market share (e.g., experimenting with a new social media platform, niche storytelling formats). Allocate resources to test, refine, and potentially elevate them to Stars.

Dogs: These are low-growth, low-share content offerings (e.g., outdated formats, underperforming campaigns). Consider divesting or streamlining resources for these, freeing them up for Stars and Question Marks.

2. Optimise your storytelling

Use the 2×2 matrix for narrative development: Plot your stories based on their “attractiveness” (emotional impact, audience relevance) and “strength” (coherence, execution quality). Focus on developing high-attractiveness, high-strength narratives (Quadrant I) that resonate deeply with your audience.

Apply the MECE principle to structure your stories: Ensure your narratives are Mutually Exclusive and collectively Exhaustive (MECE). This means avoiding redundancy, covering all crucial elements of the story without overlap, and maintaining a clear flow.

3. Measure and improve your performance

Develop KPIs relevant to storytelling: Go beyond traditional metrics like website traffic or click-through rates. Define KPIs like emotional engagement (shares, comments), brand recall (surveys), and story completion rates to track the impact of your narratives.

Utilise the Balanced Scorecard framework: Track financial performance alongside story impact, team satisfaction, and innovation initiatives. This holistic approach will give you a comprehensive view of your agency’s health and guide improvement efforts.


Flexibility is key: Adapt the BCG framework to fit your agency’s unique needs and storytelling style.
Data is your friend: Leverage audience insights and performance data to make informed decisions about your content and narratives.
Embrace creativity: Don’t be afraid to experiment with new formats, platforms, and storytelling techniques.

By applying these practical examples, you can leverage the BCG matrix to become a data-driven, audience-focused storyteller agency, delivering impactful narratives that resonate and drive business success.

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