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WordPress 6.4 Shirley: Exploring Our Contributions

Modernised Features

WordPress 6.4’s New Default Theme: Twenty Twenty-Four

WordPress 6.4 brings a fresh visual experience with the introduction of the Twenty Twenty-Four theme. Designed for versatility, this default block theme comes packed with features to elevate your website’s aesthetic and functionality.

Superior on The Company Landing Page

  • The Twenty Twenty-Four theme’s home template is tailor-made for a company landing page. Featuring a hero section, business description, and service list placeholders, it provides a solid foundation for customization, ensuring a captivating online presence.

Completely Customisable

  • Change the theme’s colours, font, and layouts to make it especially yours.

Efficient Site-Building with Custom Patterns

Extensive Pattern Library

  • Explore more than 35 meticulously crafted patterns within the theme. Simplify your site-building process by utilising these versatile patterns and templates for various page compositions.

Custom Pattern Management

  • You don’t have to manually develop custom patterns on each WordPress website you administer if you want them to be accessible on all of them. You may import and export patterns as JSON files in WordPress 6.4.

Introducing the Better Command Palette

  • A new and improved command palette feature, which offers users a dynamic and effective method to explore and operate their websites, takes the stage in WordPress 6.4.

Workflow Enhancements

  • Through Gutenberg development, WordPress contributors are constantly enhancing the block editing experience.

Custom-Named Container Blocks

Organise Easily

  • Block organisation is improved in WordPress 6.4, especially in circumstances with a lot of content. To improve the organisation of your pages, articles, and templates, introduce custom-named container blocks such as group, stack, and row blocks.

Simplified Block Interaction

  • The quotation, list, and navigation blocks include the Listing, Quoting, and Navigating with Convenience child blocks. Because the toolbar will remain connected to the parent block position, you may work with these child blocks more freely without having to block it.

Block Hooks

With the help of Block Hooks, developers may programmatically add dynamic blocks to certain content areas. This gives developers more freedom and control over how block themes may be extended via plugins.

Optimised PHP Compatibility

Keep Up With It

  • For optimal performance, WordPress 6.4 recommends using PHP 8.1 or 8.2. Keep your site running smoothly by ensuring compatibility with the latest PHP versions.

Shirley 6.4: Meet the Maestros Behind the Magic

WordPress Core Editor - JNext Contributors in WordPress 6.4 Shirley

In the upcoming Shirley 6.4 release, our core editor contributors have worked tirelessly to bring you a seamless and enhanced editing experience. Get ready to dive into a world of creativity and efficiency, curated just for you by the passionate individuals who make up the heartbeat of WordPress.

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In the most current WordPress version, 6.4, Vipul Ghori and the JNext WordPress Team contributed as WordPress contributors. Vipul’s effort and our relationship demonstrate our commitment to providing excellent WordPress solutions and giving back to the open-source community. We’re thrilled about the chances this presents to improve your online experience.

We appreciate your ongoing belief in JNext Services Pvt. Ltd. and your support. We anticipate a thrilling voyage ahead!

Seize the moment. Upgrade to Shirley 6.4 and redefine your WordPress experience.

JNext Contributions in WordPress 6.4

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