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Top 5 Reasons Why Your WordPress Site is Loading Slowly – According to JNext


Sometimes your website gets slow in loading time. Which can irritate you and your visitors the most. In recent world time all wants a faster loading website. And there can be so many reasons because of why your website gets slowed down from time to time. But here we want to list down the top 5 reasons why your website loads slowly according to JNext.

1. Long and Uncompressed CSS & JS

Long and Uncompressed CSS and JavaScript (especially inline javascript code) will take more website loading time. To avoid this we suggest you add fewer CSS and JS files, Avoid in-line CSS and JS wherever possible, And use minified and compressed CSS and JS files.

2. Oversized and Unoptimized images

Sometimes, during the content integration phase editor forgot to optimize the image size. And thus it results in very large size unoptimized images. You should regularly optimize your image files and should not add more than 72 DPI image files.

3. Installed unnecessary plugins

During the development, developers added so many plugins and forgot to remove the unnecessary plugins. Such active unnecessary heavy plugins may result in slow loading speed. One should regularly check and remove the unnecessary plugins and keep only the required lightweight plugins.

4. Having a Heavy Theme and No Update & Caching

Using any old version or heavy theme at that time increased the website loading speed. Caching is used to speed up a system. It allows the report or document to be run as quickly as possible, using the latest available data.

5. Slow hosting server

A slow hosting server means server response time is slow for WordPress. So, your webpage also gets more loading time, and it will reduce your WordPress performance.

Also, you should use any best available caching plugins to optimize your website loading speed. And you must regularly update your WordPress version, Theme version, and installed plugins. Using CDN will also help you to speed up your site. There are several CDN servers available which can impact the site’s speed and delivery.

This will help you to keep your website up to date and faster in loading.

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